Sometimes you will find surprising constructions and unusual building materials being used.

These stairs lead to a nice house, but accessibilty can be highlighted as a issue. Fortunately there is an elevator...



Use to look around in Ticino:


When you enter Ticino through the Gotthard Tunnel at the North this "24 by 7" worker will be greeting you!

Step 3: Searching for your new (holiday) home

This can be quite a challenge. A lot of properties are listed on the internet through various real estate brokers, but locating them through the search engines can be problematic especially if you use English terms. Furthermore it frequently happens that the best and nicest properties are not listed or have dedicated sites that are difficult to find. If a premium real estate owner can sell his or her property silently without expensive marketing campaigns or invasive home inspections, while maintaining their privacy and controlling confidentiality as well, they will. In any case you will need to spend some serious time in Ticino to look around, which can be a most enjoyable activity as it is very nice to tour Ticino and at the same time you are starting your "Settling In" process (Step 7)! Some tips:

Valuable tips on where you should buy

Obviously the personal requirement as well as the available budget will drive the purchase decision. Therefore some invaluable tips:

Below was a listing of Real Estate brokers. There are many of them and the list was not complete, so it was removed. To simplify your search you can start with consulting the Swiss Real Estate Portals: and Please also note the direct links below to some of the most recent building projects.

How to best get to Ticino?